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What does barrel-aging add to your cocktail?
Articles in English · 10. enero 2022
Since the barrel is porous itself, there’s also oxidation that happens with the cocktail; this adds another layer of flavor to anything that has a wine base

Articles in English · 18. noviembre 2019
A large percentage of the barrels that discard the wine and distillate industries are reused, in this blog we tell you what are the main uses.

Articles in English · 14. octubre 2019
If you have already carried out the curing process and your barrel does not stop leaking, do not panic there are some alternatives to seal the barrel, click here and find out!

Articles in English · 09. octubre 2019
Here we tell you a bit of the most common mistakes and others not so much that are presented when using a wooden barrel or barrel, important details so that they do not affect the barrel, nor your drink and especially your pocket.

Articles in English · 26. septiembre 2019
Sometimes our clients ask for a recommendation on the use of a restored barrel or a virgin wood one, as in all the issues points in favor and points against one over another, we will begin by telling you that the final product you are looking for depends on the barrel you should use. Then we will tell you some of the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Articles in English · 26. septiembre 2019
In our country we have a great variety in spirits each having an incredible history, the raw material they use is one or several varieties of agave and there are also others that use sugarcane, corn and / or wheat. Most have a designation of origin and its growth at national and international level is increasing. Next, we will talk about these spirits and some of their main characteristics.

Articles in English · 15. junio 2019
The cooperage industry (manufacturers of barrels) as we have discussed in other blogs is a craft trade that has over a thousand years of history and over time it has proven to be very important for the wine, spirits and distilleries. Lately there has been an increase in using barrels in craft beer. With the electronic and global commerce, you can see the flow of income that the barrel business brings. Obviously as in everything there must be someone in the lead. Do you know who it is?

Articles in English · 09. junio 2019
A barrel on the neck of a great Saint Bernard has become an iconic image of this dog breed, these dogs began to be used as guides on a mountain road called Great Saint Bernard Pass that goes between Switzerland and Italy this route was about 80 kilometers and had countless dangers.

Articles in English · 01. junio 2019
In some of our publications we have used the word spirits and some people have asked what are spirits, that is why we have decided to talk about this topic today, to answer some questions like: Why are they called spirits? When were they discovered? And what are the main spirits?

Articles in English · 25. mayo 2019
The use of chips is increasing every day, mainly in the wine industry and lately in beer, to be more specific in craft beers, lagging a little behind the use of chips in spirits. This is our opinion about it.

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