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Through this cookie policy, the owner of the website informs you about the use of cookies or similar tools for data storage (known as, “cookies”) on this website.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that your browser stores on your device to save certain information or image files, such as pixels. The next time the user visits a web page from the same device, the information stored in the cookies will be subsequently transmitted to the visited website ("cookie of origin") or to another website to which the cookie belongs ("third-party cookie”).


Thanks to the information stored, the respective website recognizes that the user has already accessed it from the same browser and device. This information is used to design and offer this website optimally and according to your preferences.


In that sense, only the cookie is identified on your device. Beyond this scope, your personal data will only be stored under your express consent or if it is strictly necessary to use the service offered by the website.


Consent for the use of cookies

Cookies that are not strictly necessary to offer the services of our website will only be used with your consent. By continuing to browse this website after the notice about the use of cookies appears. The user will be expressing their consent on the use of cookies on this website.


Of course, the user can design the configuration of cookies on this website at any time, activating and deactivating the cookie categories.


In the section “Deactivation and elimination of all cookies” of this cookie policy, the user can deactivate certain categories of cookies in his browser or eliminate the use of cookies in general (including essential cookies).


Legal base

Due to the uses described above, the legal basis for the processing of personal data through the use of cookies is established in art. 6 (1) (f) of the GDPR. When the user / visitor expresses their consent to the use of cookies by means of a notice published by us on our web pages (“notice of use of cookies”), the legality of the use of cookies is regulated by art. 6 (1) (f) of the GDPR.

Cookie Categories Depending on its purpose and function, we classify the cookies we use in the following categories:

Strictly necessary cookies

Functional Cookies

Performance Cookies

Advertising / third party cookies


Strictly necessary cookies

The strictly necessary cookies guarantee functionalities without which the user could not navigate correctly through this website. These cookies are used exclusively by us and, therefore, are cookies of origin. This means that all information stored in cookies is only stored on this website.


On our website we use the following strictly necessary cookies:


Name Description / purpose Duration

ckies_functional Deactivation of functional cookies 1 year

ckies_performance Disabling performance cookies 1 year

ckies_marketing Deactivation of advertising / third-party cookies / subject to consent 1 year

Your express consent is not necessary for the use of strictly necessary cookies on this website. For this reason, the user cannot activate or deactivate strictly necessary cookies. This option is only available for cookies that require your consent, that is, functional, performance and advertising cookies. However, at any time the user can deactivate the cookies in his browser (see item “Deactivation and elimination of all cookies”).


Functional cookies

Functional cookies allow us to store information already provided (such as registered username or language selection) and offer optimized and more personalized functions, based on this information. These cookies collect and store only anonymous information.


On our website we use the following functional cookies:


Name Description / purpose Duration

cookielaw Thanks to this cookie, the notice about the use of cookies will no longer be displayed once the visitor has accepted them. 1 year

shd Identify the user on his next visit 1 year

has_close_teaser Indicates if a user has closed a "teaser", so that it is not shown again. Session

The user can disavow the use of functional cookies whenever he wishes, deactivating them for this in our cookie settings.


Performance Cookies

 Performance cookies collect information about the visitor's interaction with our website, in order to help us improve their appearance, content and functionality. These cookies help us, for example, to determine to what extent the subpages of this website are being visited and in what content users are particularly interested. In particular, we store the number of visits on a page, the number of subpages accessed, the times of visit on our website, the order of the pages visited, what search terms take visitors to this site, the country, the region and, if applicable, the city from which it is accessed. We also record all visitor movements to understand which areas of our website are of particular interest to users. The analysis of this data allows us to adjust the content of our website to the needs of our users, thus optimizing our offer. The IP address of your device is transmitted for technical reasons and anonymously, but it does not allow us to obtain any conclusions about the individual user.

The user also has the right to object to the processing of personal data performed for statistical purposes, in accordance with art. 89 paragraph 1 of the GDPR for reasons that arise from the particular situation of the user in question. In order to exercise the aforementioned rights and other rights of the interested parties, the affected party may contact us at any time, using the contact information that appears in the legal notice and / or in the privacy policy of this website. On our website we use the following performance cookies:


Name Description / purpose Duration

The user can disavow the use of performance cookies whenever he wishes, deactivating them for this in our cookie settings.

Advertising / third party cookies / subject to consent

Advertising / third-party cookies / subject to consent are used to collect information on the web pages visited by the user in order to create targeted advertising for the user.


On our website we use the following advertising / third-party cookies / subject to consent:


Name Description / purpose Duration

__utma Jimdo statistics (Google Analytics) 2 years

__utmb Jimdo statistics (Google Analytics) 1 day

__utmc Jimdo statistics (Google Analytics) Session

__utmz Jimdo statistics (Google Analytics) 6 months

__utmt_b Jimdo statistics (Google Analytics) 24 hours

The user can disavow the use of performance cookies whenever he wishes, disabling them for this in our cookie settings.


Deactivation and deletion of all cookies

The user can configure their web browser so that cookies are never stored on their device and / or that the activation of cookies can only occur with their consent. At any time, the user can delete cookies that have been re-enabled. Through the help options of your browser, the user can find all the details about it.


Keep in mind that, in general, the deactivation of cookies can generate limitations in the offer of functions of our website.


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