The Recycling of Wooden Barrels

For many years used (recycled) wood was the leading edge in the use for the manufacture of small barrels, this due to its low cost being the main suppliers of coopers in our region Bacardi and Pedro Domeq both companies located in Mexico City , also some local tequila producers when renewing their lot, offered these at a very affordable cost, as I recall by 2006 I could get an old barrel of 200 liters in good condition for $ 200 Mexican pesos, something similar to $ 11 US dollars currently today.


With the passage of time these barrels have become more expensive having increases and decreases in their costs, but more increases than decreases and currently it is very difficult not get one in good condition for less than $ 850 Mexican pesos, which would be similar to $ 45 US dollars, more than 400% which was 13 years ago.

200 liter Oak Barrel in good conditions
200 liter Oak Barrel in good conditions

The companies that use barrels in their cellars, like I mentioned in one of the previous paragraphs, they would use these containers for a certain amount of time, it can vary on each of the company’s policies. We would use these manufacturers to later cut and measure the right size to commercialize these small barrels.

Different sizes made with recycling barrel staves.
Different sizes made with recycling barrel staves.

With the increase in costs of used barrels the industry began to use new wood for some years, used wood is still used, but in a much smaller proportion.


Many producers of distillates or fermented beverages give a second use to the barrels that are in good condition, you only need to make a restoration inside which consists mainly of scraping and burning to reactivate the properties of the wood and can be transmitted to the drink that will contain again, give excellent results most of the times such is the case of the tequila industry that largely refuses those that had bourbon.

Bourbon Casks.
Bourbon Casks.

Another of the main uses is the manufacture of barrel furniture, these have acquired quite fame and are widely used in old farms, farms, gardens, furniture of companies related to the liquor industry, among others.


You can find chairs, tables, canteens, armchairs, parakeets, benches, bottle holders, etc., all with the recycling of barrels that were once used in the rest, aging or fermentation of a drink.

Recently with the emergence of craft beers and the use of auxiliaries in the cava processes, many barrels have become chips or wood shavings. The barrels are cut, crushed or ground, then they are roasted according to the client's requirement and added to the beverage to speed up the processes and adhere some qualities.

Diferentes chips de madera.
Diferentes chips de madera.

As you can see the barrels have several secondary uses , there are some companies that due to their policies do not allow use by third parties and decide to incinerate them, particularly I think it is wrong because they could have an income with the sale of those barrels and could be used in some other product for several years.


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By Cuahutemoc Rivera Salas



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