I have cured my barrel but it continues to leak. What can I do?

If you have already carried out the curing process and your barrel does not stop leaking, do not panic there are some alternatives to seal the barrel, remember that it is a handmade product and that the staves (pieces of wood that form the barrel body). The only thing that unites them is the pressure that the hoops make on them they don't have glue or anything similar.


The alternative that we discuss in this article is easy to execute and with very common materials.


The first thing is to identify the exact point of leakage could be the lid, the edges of the barrel, the body or the spigot.

90% is of the edge (see the photo below) the other occasions are can be divided between leaks in the body caused by an open pore or issues with the valve or inner gasket of the spigot.

Once the location of the leak is identified, you will need to make sure that the part is not broken, in some cases a day or two is spent trying to seal a leak that will be impossible when the piece is broken.


When the valve is the cause make sure the pivot is closed, look at the image below, the lever pointing towards the barrel lid and the pivot ball attached to the body of the spigot will indicate that it is tightly closed. Unfortunately, in these cases there is no solution other than changing the spigot or the gasket, when you buy a barrel make sure they send an extra spigot as a spare.

When the leak is in the barrel body, on the lid or on the edge of the stave you can use beeswax or lard. The wax can be found in a health food store and the butter in almost any creamery or butcher shop, you will also need a cloth and its optional to use plastic or latex gloves.


You must dry the area of the leakage of the barrel it can be either empty or full, the sensation of lard or wax is not very pleasant for all people therefore you can wear gloves. The next step is to take some wax or butter with your finger and you spread it by pressing on the part of the leak, the purpose of this is to enter the open pore and help it close sooner, then with the cloth you have to remove the excesses and the barrel will be ready, you can repeat the process, make sure that any material you use (wax or butter and the barrel) are totally clean and does not have granulated particles that prevent it from entering the pore of the wood.


Like we mentioned before make sure the any excess material is removed, you will realize that the appearance or presentation of your barrel will not change in the least.


If any of the aromas of the products bothers you, you can leave it in an open area for one or two days, make sure it is not under the sun's rays, preferably with liquid inside and that the space is fresh and dry.


If you have not been able to solve the issue with your leaking barrel, do not hesitate to contact us at info@barrileslaarboleda.com and we will gladly further assist you.


By Barriles la Arboleda

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